How Much Are Bounce House Rentals? (State-Wise Cost Analysis)

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Do you want to rent a bounce house for your upcoming party or event? You might be wondering, “How much does it cost?” as your first inquiry. The fact is, however, that the price of renting a bounce house may differ from one state to another.

We have included a breakdown of costs per state for your convenience so that you can better prepare for them. Let’s take a look at how much it costs to hire a bounce house in different states, from California to New York.


How Much Are Bounce House Rentals? (State-Wise Cost Analysis)

Both the size of the inflatable and the length of time it is rented for affect the overall price. Short-term, smaller rentals can cost as little as $100, while longer, more sophisticated ones with slides and castles can cost as much as $500.

When choosing a bounce house for your party, it’s crucial to think about your individual requirements and budget.

When considering how long to rent a bounce house for, four hours is the sweet spot. This gives everyone plenty of time to have fun inside the inflatable.

If you end up needing the jump house for longer than expected, however, most rental businesses will charge you an extra hourly rate. Depending on the rental provider and the type of bounce house you want, this cost might be anywhere from $25 to $80 per hour.

It’s also important to know that the standard deposit for securing a reservation with a rental car agency is 50%. This payment represents the initial installment of the entire amount owed.

When receiving a quote for a rental, make sure to ask the provider how much of the quoted price goes toward the reservation fee.

Bouncy Castle Rental Packages

If you want to have a large party but don’t want to break the bank doing it, consider a bouncy castle rental package. These packages range in price from $275 to $650 and contain a variety of inflatables, including a water slide, to keep partygoers entertained for hours.

Some event rental businesses may not have ready-made bundles, but it is still worthwhile to inquire about their a la carte options.

Extra seats, popcorn and cotton candy machines, snack stands, and more might all be available at steep discounts for a nominal cost. With these extras, you can throw a party that everyone will talk about for years to come.

Here’s a cost analysis of various bounce house providers in different locations in the U.S., and an approximate cost of a bounce house rental:

Provider Locations Average Cost
Jumpin’ Joy Bounce Los Angeles, CA $150
Houses R Us Miami, FL $130
Bounce Mania Houston, TX $160
FunTime Bounces Chicago, IL $140
Happy Hop Rentals New York City, NY $180
Bounce Kingdom Atlanta, GA $150
Inflatable Fun Co. Denver, CO $170
Playful Bounce Phoenix, AZ $140
Bounce Haven Seattle, WA $160
Jumping Stars Orlando, FL $130

Cost Of Bounce House Rentals Based On Different Types Of Bounce Houses

Below is a detailed pricing breakdown of bounce house rentals based on the various types of bounce houses that are usually rented out:

Average Bounce House Rental Costs

The daily rental fee for a regular bounce house is between $125 and $285. A small or medium-sized bounce house rental is typically included in this cost. It’s crucial to account for delivery and installation fees that some businesses may charge. The average cost of these extra charges is $50.

Combo Rentals

Standard bounce houses can be upgraded to more exciting combo rentals by adding elements like slides and climbing walls. Rentals that include both a jumping area comparable to that of a small or medium-sized bounce house and the aforementioned extras are frequently referred to as “combo rentals.”

Combo rentals cost between $125 to $285 per day, which is comparable to the price of a single bounce house. There could be extra charges for delivery and installation.

Water Bounce House Rentals

Medium-sized or combined bounce houses are the most common sizes for renting water slides. They’ve designed it such that there’s some kind of water feature, like a slide or pool. The rental area must have access to water and electricity within 50 feet.

Large Bounce House Rental

Obstacle courses, interactive features, rock climbing, slides, and large bounce houses designed for adults are all available as part of a rental package. They are more costly to own and operate, but may be rented for either wet or dry use.

Large inflatable rentals can cost $400 to $600 or more, depending on size and amenities. Large inflatables may be used either dry or with water, however, the latter option usually comes with a higher price tag.


Other Pricing Factors To Consider When Renting A Bounce House

Here are some additional costs beyond the initial bounce house rental pricing to keep in mind:

Cost of Shipping, Assembly, and Removal

When deciding whether or not to rent an inflatable bounce house, it’s crucial to factor in any fees involved with delivery, setup, and removal. You should check with the bounce house vendor to see if the price they estimate you include these optional extras.

While the price of renting a bounce house from some providers may include help with assembly and breakdown, the cost of such services from others can add up to $50.

When having a party with young children, it is very important to inquire about the company’s stance on cleaning and sterilizing the bounce house prior to delivery. All of the guests will be kept in a clean and secure area.

Initial Investment and Related Fees

It’s crucial to let the rental provider know what kind of surface the bounce house will be set up on before making a reservation. It is vital to inform the rental provider about the surface on which they will be operating.

Due to the fragility of the bounce house, most rental businesses would rather not risk setting it up on rocky or sandy ground. Consider inquiring about the availability of any extra-sturdy inflatables from the rental provider if you’ll need to set it up on a less-than-ideal surface.

In addition, the setup area needs to be cleared of any trash, such as pet waste or rocks, before the bounce house can be delivered.

If the bounce house is going to be installed in a parking lot, extra time should be allotted to clear a lot of cars before the delivery truck arrives. This makes sure that the installation goes off without a hitch.

Fees for Cleaning

It’s possible that cleaning the bounce house after the party will be required before the event-rental team can arrive and take it away. It’s a good idea to do some basic cleaning of the bounce house on your own, including taking out the trash and sweeping off any waste.

More money may be needed to clean up after a party if attendees leave sticky residues like silly string, gum, candy, or other things.

Depending on the extent of the stains and the time and energy needed to clean the bounce house effectively, these costs might be anywhere from $50 to $300. Cleaning fees should be discussed with the rental provider in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Costs incurred for travel

It’s crucial to factor in possible travel costs when reserving a bounce house. The majority of event-rental companies offer their services inside a specific region.

However, if your party site is further away, you may be responsible for additional delivery and pickup fees to cover the cost of gas and time. These costs might vary greatly from one provider to the next, so it’s important to ask ahead of time and shop around.


If the weather forecast calls for high winds or heavy rain, you may need to reschedule your bounce house rental. Cancellations due to bad weather are handled differently by different rental agencies.

For instance, Bounce Houses Ohio would only cancel a booking if they anticipate severe weather that could cause damage to the inflatables.

Cancellations made within seven days of the event will receive a raincheck for the deposit, while those made more than 24 hours in advance will receive a full refund. If you cancel your party less than 48 hours in advance with some other companies, you may be charged a cancellation fee of up to 25%.

In the case of harsh and unforeseeable weather, however, they may be willing to reschedule. To avoid any unanticipated costs, make sure you are familiar with the rental agency’s cancellation policy.

Water Slide Inflatable Price

Renting a water slide is another exciting alternative to traditional bounce houses. These slides can be used with water or without, giving you more flexibility in planning your event. Typically, the daily rental fee for an inflatable slide is between $150 and $250.

If a water slide is what you’re after, make sure to ask the rental business about the specifics of getting it set up and running with water. It’s crucial to consider the additional cost of renting a water slide when planning a party, especially one in the warmer months.


How To Power A Rental Bounce House?

It is crucial to have a reliable power source available when renting a bounce house. Unlike balloons, inflatables need a constant supply of air to remain inflated and functional. This necessitates either access to an electrical socket or the use of a generator.

Simply plug the inflatable blower into an electrical outlet if you plan to set up the bounce house in a location with ready access to electricity. If you won’t have access to electricity, though, you’ll want to be sure the rental provider can accommodate this.

While the cost of electricity may be included in the rental charge by some businesses, others may offer generators at an additional expense. It is vital to get this straight in the beginning to avoid any unforeseen costs.

Rental businesses typically have the means to supply the electricity required by the inflatable.

The power cords used to link the blower to the outlet could be anything from 50 and 75 feet in length. This is a practical choice if you plan to put up the bounce house anywhere with access to electrical outlets.

Generator Size and Cost For Bounce House

You can rent a generator if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of using extension cords or if the rental company doesn’t offer electricity. Costs range from $85 to $100 to rent a generator, depending on its size and output.

If you need to put up the bounce house somewhere far from an electrical outlet, or if you will be using it for an outdoor event, a generator is a perfect option.

Bounce houses can only keep properly inflated with a steady supply of air. To do this, an air blower is used to continuously inject cool air into the inflatable.

Slowly releasing the surplus air through the seams maintains a constant volume. The bounce house’s effectiveness and safety could be jeopardized if it did not receive constant circulation of air.


How Much Does A Bounce House Cost To Buy?

Bounce homes have many designs and functionalities. Traditional, slides, obstacle courses, and water slide bounce houses are the most popular types of bounce houses you can buy

The simplest bounce houses include a huge jumping space for youngsters. After bouncing, kids can slide down bounce houses with slides.

Kid-friendly obstacle course bounce houses with tunnels and obstacles.

Water slide bounce houses combine bounce house fun with water activities. Bounce home prices vary by type and amenities.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Bounce house prices depend on many aspects. Bounce house size and capacity matter. Larger bounce houses cost more. Small ones cost $200–$500, whereas larger ones cost $550 or more.

Bounce house prices depend on their endurance and materials. Commercial bounce houses, constructed for high use and durability, cost more than residential ones.

Manufacturer brand and reputation might also affect the price. Quality brands may charge more than lesser-known brands.

Additional Features and Accessories

Bounce houses with extras may cost more. Bounce houses with basketball hoops, climbing walls, or inflatable obstacles may cost more.

Air blowers, repair kits, storage bags, and bounce house stakes are all available. These extras might increase bounce house costs.

Where to Buy Bounce Houses

Online shops, inflatable manufacturers, and party rental agencies sell bounce houses.

Customers can compare bounce houses and prices online. Specialized inflatable manufacturers may charge more for their customization and quality.

Local party rental providers may sell discounted or secondhand bouncy houses. To get the best deal, shop around.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Considerations must be made when buying a bounce house. Online purchases of larger bounce homes may require shipping.

Maintenance materials, such as cleaning and repairing inflatable bounce houses, must be considered.

Larger bounce houses may need more area, so consider that also.

Finally, check for manufacturer warranties and guarantees to give you peace of mind and maybe save money if the bounce house breaks.


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