Cheap Way to Build a Shed (Everything You Need to Know)

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Having a shed in your garden area is such a blessing as it will allow you some extra space that you can use for multi-purposes. But, is it really possible to build a shed at home? If yes, what is the cheap way to clad a shed? This question must be jumping into your head and to answer that, we need some of your attention here. So today, let us talk about some inexpensive ways to clad a shed on your own. So let’s get started-


What do you need to build a cheap shed?

Before you head to the method and follow all the steps in order to build a DIY shed, it is vital to understand what all do you require so that you can arrange everything beforehand. There are two essentials that you must remember and these are as follows-

  1. Find a free shed plan- The very basic thing you need to have is a shed plan so that you know what all needs to be done. Considering that you’re someone new to it, there are various websites offering free shed plans that you can check out for sure. You can get it for free or paid. Other than that, you can either go for some lumber that is available nearby for free of cost or can also make a purchase at a low cost at the home renovation stores. You can find various leftovers there that they might be willing to give either for free or sell for low.
  2. Collect all the tools- Once you have a working plan and a base with you, the next thing you will require is some tools that are going to be useful while building your shed. Now that we are talking about building a shed at an affordable price, we are not going to talk about tools such as pneumatic nail guns, compressors or such as they are high in cost. Although these products can shorten the process, there are some cheap alternatives available as well. Thus, ensure that you have the list of-
  • Drill machine
  • A hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Nails or screws
  • A saw (circular, jigsaw, or hand saw)
  • Plywood or base
  • OSB (oriented strand board) or particle board
  • 2x4s lumber for framing


How much will it cost to build a cheap shed?

Talking about how much will it really cost if you want to build your own shed on a fixed budget, then you can roughly take an estimate of around $1000. Within that amount, you can for sure make a standard-size shed with a decent durable wall and products, for sure. Although more or less will depend on various factors such as

  • The size of your shed
  • The country you’re living in
  • The type of material you’re using

And more. Depending upon such factors, you can have an estimate of your shed cost. However, we have made an average estimate that works for the majority of people. 


How to build a cheap shed? Step by Step

Now that you’ve everything you need, it is the right time to jump into the method to build your own DIY shed by using the following steps-

1- Build a foundation

The foremost thing to start with is to build a strong foundation so that your shed can be strong and durable. If we talk about the most sustainable method, then you must go either for a deck or concrete blocks. Ensure that you’re grounding it up strong and making a levelled and strong base for your shed.

It is one of the toughest things to do as you’ll be needing to dig some trenches and fill it with your base and some gravel to fill it up. Ensure that all your trenches are being levelled up equally. It will ensure the shed from deteriorating, decaying and leaning.

2- Frame your floor

Once you have built a foundation and made it sturdy and stable, you need to frame your floor which is also the base of your shed. We would recommend you go for a sturdy piece of lumber. Ensure that you’re using the lumber’s size as the same as your shed’s width.

Although the cost-effective method would be using lumber as you may get it for a very low price or for free, if it isn’t possible or suitable, you can also go for OSB or plywood, whichever is suitable. However, please know that both of these options will be costlier than using lumber for sure. Here as well, cut it for the same size, joint it with your foundation and proceed.


3- Frame your walls

Moving forward to the next step, now you need to frame your walls and join them with the base that you’ve made. For that, you can either go for lumber or for plywood or OSB as per availability. But with whichever option you go, make sure that you do not go any less than the 2*4 wall size.

If you’re opting for less, there will be a high risk of getting yourself into danger as you might fall. The other thing you need to remember is that you must screw them together with the floor. Instead of going for a fancy design, keep it raw but sturdy. 


4- Frame your roof

Coming to the third pillar of it, now it is the time to frame your roof. If you have chosen the 2*4 walls, then go for the 2*4 roof framing and make it the best fit. Any less or more would lead to issues and thus, following these sizes will minimize the waste and your efforts, both. You can choose between a single slant roof or a gable one as per your budget and requirement and then nail it to the walls well so that it makes the right fit. Take help from:


5- Side your shed

Siding your shed is not just for the look but to make it resist every climate and condition. Here, going for a smart side panel will be a smart decision as you can find it for cheap and is also easily available.

Even for installation purposes, you do not need to hassle much as you can do it in a jiffy and it will last long for years. If you’re willing to spend a bit more here, you can also opt for either lap or shingle siding which would be expensive but again, durable.


6- Give it a final touch

You have built a foundation and made a roof, floor and walls. Your base is almost ready. So what’s left? Okay. So there are still many things left such as giving it a final finish. To get started, you must start by roofing your shed. For this, you can go for the asphalt shingle which is not only affordable but is easily available.

By taking this step, you will be protecting your shed from rain and snow. Go for a good shed roof and install it to your roof well. If unsure, you can also go for organic shingles but even if you don’t go for that, going for the one prescribed here will work well for years. Once done, move forward to installing the window and the door. Having a window in your shed will keep the ventilation flow maintained and for that, you need to see how many windows you require.

If it is not too big, one or two will suffice. Install a quality window and screw it well. You can go for a double-pane window for durability. For the door, you need to have a waterproof door that either could be hinged or sliding as per your usage. If you want to go for longevity, going for the hinged one will work. Install it safely to your shed and it’s ready.

Note- If you’re still confused, you can go for the link shared below for reference-


Wrapping up,

So this is how you can build your own shed without taking any guidance or help from an expert. If you have a clear plan, base and all the essentials, it is no rocket science to build your own shed at an economical price. In this guide, we have not only talked about the process but also the elements, pricing, and plan that you need to follow. If you still need anything apart from the information we have provided, please feel free to comment and let us know.




1- Can anyone build their own shed?

Yes, if you have some basic skills and the tools and base that we have mentioned here, it is very easy to build your own shed without owning any specialization in the same.

2- Is it better to go for an already-built shed or should make your own?

This question is fairly based on your preference. If you’re someone unsure of the process and not looking to indulge yourself in the hard work of making a shed, going for a shed that is already available in the market will work. However, if you like to customize it as per your needs, you must go for the shed that you can build.

3- Which is cheaper? Building a shed or buying it from the market?

If you’re comparing the same size and almost the same quality material built sheds, then it is for sure better and cheaper to build your own shed as it will cut down the cost of a professional who will build it as you will be doing it on your own. 


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