CL Code on Lg Washer (Meaning and How to Fix It)

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If the CL error code appears on your LG washing machine, you should learn what it indicates and how to fix it.

Don’t freak out or rush to contact a repair company just yet. You can get your washer working again with only a little bit of know-how and some troubleshooting on your part.

This post will explain the significance of the CL error code and show you how to resolve it in detail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

CL Code on Lg Washer – What Does It Mean?

The cl code on an LG washer stands for “child lock.” It is an indication that the child lock mode is activated on the control panel. This mode is designed to prevent accidental changes or disruptions to the washing machine’s settings.

When the cl code is displayed, the functionalities of all the buttons on the control panel are blocked, and you cannot run the washer until the child lock is deactivated.

Is It An Error Code?

Actually, the cl code isn’t an error code at all. It’s just a warning that the child lock is on. LG includes this protection so the machine can’t be altered or broken into without the company’s knowledge.


What Is The Purpose Of CL Code In LG Washer?

Here’s why your LG Washer has the cl indication in the first place:

Preventing Harm to Children and Other Accidents

The CL code on an LG washer helps ensure the safety of children and prevents mishaps. Children should be kept away from washing machines because of the dangers they pose if tampered with.

If the CL code is used to activate the child lock feature, no one, including young children, will be able to mistakenly operate the system by touching any of the buttons on the control panel.

Safeguards Against Accidental Equipment Breakage

Curious or lively kids could accidentally do serious damage to equipment by pressing every button on the control panel. As a precaution, the CL code locks all the buttons, preventing them from carrying out their usual operations.

This serves two purposes: it prevents the machine from breaking, and it keeps it running without hiccups.

Simple On/Off Switching

The child lock mode on LG washing machines can be activated and deactivated with a single press of a button. Users can quickly toggle between the locked and unlocked statuses by pressing and holding this button for three seconds.

When the child lock is enabled or disabled, the CL code will show up on the screen. By just pressing a button, customers may lock the washer and make it childproof in a matter of seconds.

Constant Safety

The kid lock feature will continue to function even if the washer is unplugged from the wall. When the washer is not in use, or there is a power outage, this feature prevents the kid lock from being mistakenly deactivated.

For families with young children, LG washing machines provide peace of mind and constant protection thanks to the child lock mode, which prevents unintentional use of the machine’s controls.


CL Code on Lg Washer – How To Fix It?

Here’s how you can fix the LG CL Washer code from appearing on the washer

Step 1: Disconnect and Remove the Control Panel

First, turn off the power to your LG washer so you can begin troubleshooting the CL error code. To avoid electrocution, disconnect the washing machine from the wall socket.

The next step is to unscrew the washer that holds the control panel housing. Pull back the panel carefully to disconnect it completely and reveal the motherboard.

Step 2: Access the Control Assembly

Once the control panel is removed, the control assembly can be accessed. Remove the control panel’s inner cover with a screwdriver to get started. You’ll be able to access the control module this way.

Step 3: Check the Buttons and Wire Connections

The buttons and electrical connections on the control assembly can now be inspected.

Make that all the buttons are working and the wires are securely connected by using a multimeter. If the control panel assembly shows signs of oxidation or deterioration, it will need to be replaced.

Step 4: Detach and Replace the Control Panel Assembly

Detaching the control panel assembly from the control panel housing may be necessary if faulty buttons or wire connections are discovered. Take the control panel apart by removing the screws holding it in place and disconnecting the wiring harness and electrical connections.

Make sure the replacement control panel assembly is suitable for your LG washing machine before installing it. Fasten the replacement panel assembly to the control panel. Replace the old control panel with the new one and reconnect the wire harness and other cables.

Step 5: Reassemble and Test

Reassembling the control panel is the next step after replacing the control panel assembly. Replace the screws you took out before and reattach the control panel’s outer cover. Put the control housing back where it belongs, then use the screws to fasten the back of the board to the housing.

Once you’ve fixed the CL code problem, you can plug the washer back into the power source and run a test cycle. If the control board no longer displays the CL code, the issue has been resolved.


How To Turn Off Child Lock On LG Washer?

If you have an LG washer with a child lock feature activated and want to turn it off, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

Step 1: Identify the Child Lock Button

Find the child lock button on your LG washing machine’s control panel. It’s commonly denoted by a tiny padlock icon and can either stand on its own or be integrated into another button. Get used to the layout of this button before moving forward.

Step 2: Long Press

Find the kid safety lock and hold the button down for around 3 seconds. The child lock will be turned off by pressing this button. The child lock indication light should go out once the allotted amount of time has been held down on the button.

Step 3: Rinse and Spin Button Combination (For Top-Loading Washer)

If your LG top-loading washing machine child a kid lock feature, you can disable it by simultaneously pressing the rinse and spin buttons. To disable the kid lock, press and hold both buttons at once for several seconds.

Step 4: Key Combinations for Different Models

Don’t worry if the aforementioned solutions don’t help with your LG washing machine. The procedure for disabling the kid safety lock on your LG washing machine may vary depending on the model you have. Some possible key combinations are listed below.

Temperature and Options Button: To disable the child lock, press and hold the temperature and option buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

Child Lock Mode: Press and hold the Prewash and Super Rinse buttons at the same time until the child lock mode is turned off.

Additional Washing Options: The child lock indicator light can be turned off by pressing and holding the additional washing and vigorous washing buttons simultaneously.

Step 5: Confirmation

After attempting the aforementioned key combinations, check the panel to see if the “child lock” light has been turned off. When the cl code no longer appears on the control board, the child lock has been disabled.


How To Get Child Lock Off Your LG Inverter Direct Drive Washing Machine?

Here’s how to get the child lock off your LG inverter direct drive washing machine:

Step 1: Unplug the Washing Machine

Before you begin any repair or replacement work, it is important to ensure the safety of yourself and the machine. Start by unplugging the washing machine from the electrical outlet.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools

To replace the control panel, you will need a flathead driver and a Philip screwdriver. Make sure you have these tools handy before you start the process.

Step 3: Move the Washing Machine

As the LG inverter direct drive washing machine is quite heavy, it is recommended to seek assistance from a housemate or family member to move it away from the wall. You should have enough space to work comfortably.

Step 4: Remove the Top Panel

Using the screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the top panel of the washing machine. Once the screws are removed, you can detach the top panel and set it aside.

Step 5: Detach the Control Panel

Next, locate the screws on the right side of the washer that secure the control panel. Remove these screws using the screwdriver. Additionally, detach the detergent assembly and set it aside.

Step 6: Remove the Control Panel

Now, remove the screws on the left side of the control panel that secures it to the washer. Once the screws are removed, carefully pull out the control panel from the washer. Be cautious while handling the control panel to avoid any damage.

Step 7: Disconnect the Wire Harness

Locate the wire harness that connects the control panel to the washer. Disconnect the wire harness from the control panel.

Step 8: Access the Display Board

Place the detached control panel assembly in a comfortable place. Flip it to access the display board. This is where you will be replacing the control board assembly.

Step 9: Disconnect the Display Board

Using a flathead driver, carefully disconnect the display board from the control panel housing. Be gentle to avoid any damage to the components.

Step 10: Replace the Control Board Assembly

Now, you can replace the old control board assembly with a new one. Make sure the new control board is compatible with your LG inverter direct drive washing machine model. Connect the wire harness to the new control board assembly.

Step 11: Secure the Control Panel

Carefully place the control panel back into position. Secure it with the screws on the left side. Make sure the control panel is properly aligned and firmly attached to the washer.

Step 12: Reattach the Detergent Assembly

Reattach the detergent assembly to the washer. Use the screwdriver to secure the right side of the panel with the screws you removed earlier.

Step 13: Fix the Front Panel

Lastly, fix the front panel of the washing machine by securing it with the screws. Make sure all the screws are tightened properly to ensure the front panel is securely attached.

Step 14: Plug in the Washing Machine and Test

Plug in the washing machine back into the electrical outlet. Now, run the washing machine to check if the child lock issue has been resolved. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for testing and operating the machine.


What Are Some Of The Common Causes of The LG Washer CL Code?

Here are some causes of the LG Washer CL Code:

Inadvertent Triggering

Accidental activation ranks high on the list of reasons for the LG Washer CL error code. It’s possible to trigger this by pressing and holding the wrong buttons on the panel.

This sometimes happens when attempting to use the washer’s settings or other controls. You should be careful not to accidentally trigger the child lock function by pressing any buttons.

Worries About Risks

The child lock feature, included on many LG Washers for added security, is another typical reason for the CL error number. This safety measure is in place so that parents don’t have to worry about their kids using the dryer by themselves.

Personalized Service

The child lock feature on an LG washing machine is an optional safety measure. Even if they don’t have kids, they still like to use the child lock option just in case.


The CL error message on your LG washer may be displayed if the control panel or electronic system has encountered a problem. The washer may initiate the CL code as a safety measure if it detects a problem with the child lock mechanism or a related component.

There could be an electrical fault, a bug in the software, or some other technical problem causing this error. Contacting a skilled technician for a diagnosis and fix is recommended in such a situation.


How to Prevent LG Washer CL Code?

Here’s how you can prevent the LG Washer CL Code from occurring:

Learn From The Instructions

The CL (Child Lock) error code on your LG dryer can be avoided by reading the instructions thoroughly. Read the handbook carefully, giving special attention to the sections describing the interface and the many options available to you.

Carefully Navigate The Settings Menu

Accidental button presses on the control panel are a common reason of the CL error code showing on an LG dryer. Make a conscientious effort to utilize the control panel cautiously to avoid this.

Keep Kids Away From The Washing Machine!

Keeping your LG dryer in a secure, out-of-reach area is another important step in preventing the CL error code from flashing. Because of their inherent curiosity, children may try to play with the washer, setting off the child lock.

Remove the Child Safety Lock

It is crucial to know how to deactivate the child lock feature on your LG dryer in case it is accidentally engaged.


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