Top 15 Greenhouse Solar Heaters – Everything You Need to Know

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They’re wrong if they think being green can’t be entertaining. The rising expense of electricity and widespread environmental concern means we need to adopt a better approach to being green.

And a bit of solar-powered satire is the perfect tool for the job.

Because helping the environment need not be dull, here is an article that discusses the 15 best greenhouse solar heaters to keep your plants cozy and safe.


Top 15 Greenhouse Solar Heaters – Everything You Need to Know

This section discusses 15 of the greatest greenhouse heating options. So, let’s get into it already!

#1 – Bio Green PAL Greenhouse Heater 1500W

First on our list is the Bio Green PAL Greenhouse Heater. This powerful heater consumes 1,500 watts of 120-volt power, which is the same as most other space heaters. It has a heat output of 5,118 Btu, capable of warming 120 square feet of greenhouse space.

To use it in a solar heating system, you’ll need a PV panel array and an inverter to convert the DC from the panels to AC for the heater. The Bio Green PAL Greenhouse Heater is a reliable choice for efficient greenhouse heating.


#2 – Dura Heat LPC25 Propane Convection Heater

This heater is ideal for greenhouse gardening during the winter. It operates on propane and can efficiently heat up to 600 square feet of space.

With a heating capacity of 15,000 – 25,000 BTU, this heater uses the convection heating method to evenly distribute heat in all directions.

It comes with a 20 lb. propane gas cylinder and can operate for up to 28 hours. The Dura Heat LPC25 Propane Convection Heater is a great choice for larger greenhouse spaces.


#3 – Nakoair Solar Air Collector

The Nakoair Solar Air Collector keeps your greenhouse warm and provides ventilation. It pumps air that is 40 to 85 degrees warmer than the outdoor air, making your greenhouse thrive.

This nifty little gadget boasts its own circulation pump, powered by a sleek PV panel seamlessly integrated into its design.

The unit comes with a thermostat for temperature control and can effectively regulate the environment inside your greenhouse. The Nakoair Solar Air Collector is an excellent option for those who want dual functionality in their greenhouse heater.


#4 – ALLPOWERS SP033 200W Portable Solar Panel

If you’re interested in using solar energy to heat your greenhouse, look no further than the ALLPOWERS SP033 200W Portable Solar Panel.

Anyone who plans on being off the grid for an extended period of time and needs to keep their electronic devices charged will benefit from this kit.

However, when coupled with a greenhouse heater, it can supply adequate warmth for your plants, ensuring their continued health and steady growth even in the dead of winter.

The ALLPOWERS 200W solar panel stands out due to its foldable and waterproof construction. This facilitates its portability and quick installation at any location. It’s also compatible with a wide range of power sources and boasts a substantial power output for a wide range of applications.

The high-efficiency rate of 22% is another benefit of the ALLPOWERS SP033 200W Portable Solar Panel. Lightweight compared to solar silicon panels of the same size, it can yet provide a large amount of power.


#5 – Comfort Zone 5000W Fan-Forced Heater

You may easily customize the temperature to your preferences among the range of 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000W. The thermostat is adjustable, so you can keep the environment exactly right for your plants.

The Comfort Zone 5000W Fan-Forced Heater’s body is constructed from strong gauge steel, making it sturdy and long-lasting. This guarantees that it will be resilient to temperature changes, even in unheated spaces.

The twin temperature knobs and adjustable mounting angle further expand its usefulness by allowing for precise control over airflow.

There are some limitations to keep in mind, despite the fact that the Comfort Zone 5000W Fan-Forced Heater provides exceptional performance.

Over time, the fan blades can become loose and make a rattling sound, according to some users. Some users may find this noise to be a mild distraction.


#6 – Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

When it comes to greenhouse heating, the Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a reliable and affordable option. Its sturdy construction makes it resistant to blizzards and other severe weather, guaranteeing its durability and dependability.

This solar panel is actually two separate solar panels, each with a 100W capacity, for a total of 200W. This makes it effective at heating the greenhouse, even when it’s cloudy outside.

The greenhouse stays comfortably warm for extended periods of time thanks to the panel’s heat-retaining multilayer sheet laminations.

The Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel stands out due to its adaptability in terms of installation. It may be installed in any number of positions thanks to its adjustable metal handle.


#7 – Yrbxsky Solar Pendant Light Indoor Outdoor

The Yrbxsky Solar Pendant Light is a fantastic option for greenhouse heating, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. The LED light shed comes with three lights for maximum brightness and can be set up quickly and easily.

The solar panel may be tilted up to 180 degrees to capture the most possible sunlight. Because of its ability to generate both light and heat, it is ideally suited for usage in greenhouses.

The device’s solar light sensor allows it to power on and off automatically depending on the amount of available light, saving time and resources. The Yrbxsky Solar Pendant Light is widely considered to be the best solar heater available for greenhouses due to its cutting-edge design and reliable performance.


#8 – Lasko Ceramic Space Heater 754200

Maintaining an appropriate greenhouse temperature in the winter is essential for plant survival and development. The Lasko Ceramic Space Heater 754200 is an effective and trustworthy method of heating a greenhouse.

The thermostat is simply adjustable so you can maintain an environment perfect for your plants. The combination of a self-regulating ceramic element and a forced air and convection heating system guarantees efficient and uniform warmth throughout the room.

You may adjust the volume of the heater’s fan and pick between low, medium, and high heat levels. The 11 adjustable heat levels provide maximum flexibility and convenience. The heater can be moved around the greenhouse with ease because of its portability and built-in handle.

The cool-to-the-touch exterior and automated overheat protection further guarantee user safety. For dependable and effective greenhouse heating, consider the Lasko Ceramic Space Heater 754200.


#9 – Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit

Greenhouse heating has never been easier than with the Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit. The straightforward setup procedure reduces the time and effort required to get up and running.

The kit’s integrated charging controller is fully automated, guaranteeing peak performance and protecting against overheating.

The panels quickly heat the area and perform well in low-light situations, so you may utilize the greenhouse all through the year. Due to its sturdy metal construction and rust-resistant aluminum frame, the kit can withstand heavy snowfall and other inclement weather.

The panel is protected from damage caused by low voltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity by an integrated circuit. The panel’s resistance to moisture and rust also makes it well-suited to use in greenhouses.

The Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit is an excellent option for greenhouse owners searching for an efficient and long-lasting heating solution because of its steady energy flow and environmentally friendly operation.


#10 – AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Infrared Space Heater 1500W

Among the top ten is the AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Infrared 1500W Space Heater.

For efficient heating of your greenhouse, use the AirNmore Comfort Deluxe Infrared Space Heater. You won’t have to replace any heating element bulbs because of the copper PTC heating element. This heater has an excellent heating capacity of up to 1000 square feet.

There are, however, a few negatives to keep in mind. It can be annoying when the thermostat turns off the heat before the room reaches the appropriate temperature.

In addition, the noise level produced by this heater makes it less than ideal for those who value peace and quiet. Moreover, it is more expensive than similar greenhouse heaters.


#11 – POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater

If you’re looking for a portable and effective greenhouse heater, consider the POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater. It has a protective metal mesh cover and a fence at the back. The user and installer-friendly design of the panel eliminates the need for cumbersome extension cords.

The high-quality PTC ceramic heating system is one of the heater’s most notable features, allowing for rapid and effective heating. It also features a built-in safety mechanism that stops power if temperatures get too high. The stylish look is a nice bonus for your greenhouse.

The three-speed charging feature allows for flexible power management. The POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for warming up a room. You may have faith in this product’s durability because of the one-year warranty and lifelong technical support it comes with.


#12 – Renology 200W Solar Starter Kit

The Renology 200W Solar Starter Kit is a must-have. With its high-efficiency monocrystalline panel, this kit is designed to provide maximum power output, ensuring that you can charge your battery pack quickly and efficiently.

One of the standout features of this kit is its versatility. It comes with all the mounting brackets you need, making installation a breeze. Simply find the perfect spot to harness the sun’s energy, mount the panel, and you’re good to go.

But it doesn’t stop there. This kit also includes a 20A charge controller, which is essential for preventing overcharging of any batteries you connect. This protects your batteries from damage and ensures that you get the most out of your solar panel.


#13 – Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel for Greenhouse

This monocrystalline solar panel kit is a solar energy powerhouse with 8% cell efficiency.

This solar panel heats fast regardless of the weather. It’s ideal for off-grid greenhouses. The panel is waterproof and composed of PET, which maximizes sunlight for energy production.

Panels with pre-drilled holes simplify installation. The greenhouse-mountable panel can survive strong winds and snow thanks to its corrosion-resistant metal cover. Its rust- and waterproof design ensures longevity.

Although the Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel is expensive, but its efficiency and durability make it worth it.


#14 – Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Propane Heater

The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Propane Heater is widely considered one of the best gas heaters for greenhouses. With a heating capacity of 4,000 – 9,000 BTU, it efficiently warms up to 225 square feet of space.

This radiant heater is highly efficient and safe to use, with an auto shut-off feature for low oxygen levels, tipping over, and pilot light outages.

Experience the convenience of the fold-down handle and swivel-out regulator, allowing you to effortlessly connect a propane tank. With a maximum BTU, enjoy a runtime of 3 hours, while on the low setting, it can keep going for an impressive 5.4 hours, and on the high setting, it powers through for 2.4 hours.

With a heavy-duty design and wire guard, this propane heater is built to last. It also has a swivel regulator that can be used with a disposable cylinder or a remote gas supply with the appropriate hose and filter. The only potential downside is that the propane cylinder is not included with the purchase, so it’s important to ensure a propane supply for uninterrupted operation.

Additionally, prolonged use of the heater may cause increased CO2 and CO levels, so proper ventilation is necessary.


#15 – Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heater

Low-maintenance Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Infrared Heaters keep greenhouses warm and sensitive plants healthy. This small heater heats 150 square feet.

This fan-forced air infrared heater evenly distributes heat. The adjustable thermostat and precision temperature sensor assure consistent heating.

The heater incorporates IPX4 water-resistant and overheat prevention. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver around your greenhouse.

This high-performance infrared heater uses a lot of electricity.

One drawback of the product is that if the built-in thermal fuse blows, replacing it may be difficult.


Pros and Cons of Solar Greenhouse Heaters

Pros of Solar Greenhouse Heaters:

  • Free Energy and Heat: Solar greenhouse heaters use free solar energy and heat. This can save energy costs and save money.
  • Cost-Effective: Solar heaters are cost-effective over time, despite their larger initial investment. Solar heaters can save heating expenditures by 30% to 40% without monthly fees.
  • No Power Cuts: Solar heaters never lose power, unlike electric or gas heaters. This keeps your greenhouse hot and protects your crops during widespread power outages.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar energy is renewable and clean. Solar greenhouse heaters reduce carbon emissions and green the environment. Solar heating devices emit no pollutants.

Cons of Solar Greenhouse Heaters:

  • Limited Availability: Solar energy is only available during the day. Solar greenhouse heaters may not heat at night or on gloomy days. A storage system or backup heating system may help you overcome this limitation.
  • Complex Installation: Installing solar panels for greenhouse heating can be difficult depending on your greenhouse and land. To optimum solar absorption, panel positioning may need planning and experience.
  • Regular Cleaning: Solar panels need regular cleaning to stay efficient. Remove filth, dust, and snow in winter. Solar heating systems lose efficiency if neglected.


How Did We Rank The Best Greenhouse Solar Heaters Of 2023?

When it comes to ranking the best greenhouse solar heaters of 2023, there are several factors that we consider to ensure that we provide accurate and reliable information. Here’s a breakdown of how we rank these heaters:

Greenhouse Size

The size of the greenhouse plays a crucial role in determining the type and size of solar panels needed for the heater. Larger greenhouses require more robust panels to effectively heat the space, while smaller greenhouses can make do with smaller panels.

We take into account the square footage of the greenhouse to determine the appropriate solar panel wattage.

Plants Inside the Greenhouse

Different plants have different temperature requirements. We consider the type of plants that are typically grown in greenhouses and how much heat they require.

For example, crops like tomatoes often need more heat in the winter, so a smaller heater may not be sufficient. We evaluated the specific temperature needs of various plants to ensure that the recommended solar heaters can adequately meet those requirements.

Level of Insulation

We took into account the insulation quality of the greenhouse to determine the appropriate panel size.

HandyControls in the Panels

To make the solar panels more user-friendly, we considered the presence of handy controls such as temperature sensors, mounting brackets, and controllers for overcharging. These features allow users to regulate the panels more easily and enhance their functionality and reliability.

Ease of Installation

We also evaluated whether the panel offers easy and direct mounting options. Additionally, we take into account the versatility of installation, such as the ability to mount the panels on a boat, cabin, or rough surface.


Budget plays a significant role in the decision-making process. We took into consideration those solar heaters that were cost-effective, even if they were on the pricier spectrum.


How To Heat A Greenhouse With Solar Panels?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a solar heater in a greenhouse:

Step 1: Install Support Structures

Install support structures after planning solar panel placement. Handles, locks, and brackets may be used to secure the panels to the roof or other support structures. Make sure the support structures can hold the panels.

Step 2: Connect Wires

Solar heaters need proper wiring. Connect all panels and waterproof and insulate cables. Safety comes foremost, therefore connect the grounded fasteners to the ground wire first to avoid electrocution.

Step 3: Install Solar Panels

After wiring, install the solar panels. Securely fasten and slant them for maximum sunlight. Tilt the panels to maximize sunlight absorption.

Step 4: Connect Inverter and PV Components

Connecting the inverter to the greenhouse’s AC circuit breaker panel completes the process. Connect the PV system and circuit breaker to the PV lines. Connect the inverter to the DC main breaker last. Solar heater installation is complete.


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